Bethany FrenetteI’€™m an author of YA books, a keeper of small cats, a fan of all things geeky, and a lover of the absurd. I was born and raised in the great snowy north of Minnesota, from which I have never yet managed to escape.

My first story was written at the age of four (with the assistance of my grandfather) and was titled ‘€œThe Cat Book.’€ This was followed by such classics as ‘€œMy Turkey Ran Away on Thanksgiving Day’€ and ‘€œStella and Burston’€™s Ice Age Adventures.’€ (Don’€™t ask.)

After progressing through a truly alarming horror-story phase in fifth grade, and a much longer period of angsty teen poetry, I decided to get serious about my writing. In college, I minored in Creative Writing, then went on to get my MFA. DARK STAR is my debut novel.

In my spare time, I read, play video games, and do everything within my power to annoy my friends. Parlor tricks include making an eerily accurate frog noise and the ability to recite Maurice Sendak’€™s Outside Over There from memory.