These are a few of my favorite books (part 1).

Here, have a blog post about books! Short version: these books are fabulous and everyone should read them. Long version: all of the rambling contained below.

But before I get into it–a reminder that the ARC giveaway for DARK STAR will end at 12a.m. CST, Friday June 8th. So if you’d like to enter, now is the time. Thanks for all the great comments so far! I’ve been having a lot of fun reading what you guys have come up with. Continue Reading

A Welcome and a Giveaway!

Hello out there, and welcome to my shiny new website!

Here you’€™ll find news and updates on my books, as well as the occasional blog post. We’€re still getting things rolled out, but what better way to launch my site than to have an ARC giveaway contest? If you’€™d like to win an ARC of DARK STAR, just follow the directions below.

The contest is open to anyone in the U.S. or Canada. To enter, leave a comment below, and when you do, riddle me this: If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?

Once the contest ends [12:00 a.m. CST, Friday, June 8th], I’™ll choose a winner at random. I’ll contact the winner via email, so please use a valid email address.

And because I’m sure you’re all terribly curious: what superpower would I choose? Flying, of course! When I was little, I used to jump off the back of my mother’s couch, convinced I’d eventually become airborne. You’d think, after the first few attempts, I’d have figured out this wasn’t going to work. But no. I stubbornly persisted. (Maybe I just really liked jumping off that couch. Who knows. I was a weird little kid.) Alas, that pesky law of gravity always kept me earthbound.